We are aware of the pressure test takers go through and the difficulty of the actual NCLEX®; we understand the importance of having a computer program that helps build confidence and improves test taking strategies Thus we have developed our NCLEX Simulated exams and Up-to-Date Review Materials to meet these needs. Our SIMULATED EXAM, feels and will challenge you like the real licensure exam. We will help build your confidence as you master the vital factors needed to pass the actual state board exam.

We all know that preparation is the key to success, but we also know that anticipation comes before preparation. Understanding the NCLEX CAT  ( Computer Adaptive Test )  is  not  just  about  navigating  the  difficulty of  the questions you’re

asked. It is more about adapting to what you know and don’t know about safety in rendering service, saving lives and helping people. You have to understand that the computer program does not make mistakes. Its artificial intelligence reads your answers to every question at the speed of light and reacts according to your strengths, weaknesses or lack of knowledge in every nursing area. To anticipate possible problems that the computer may find, it’s important to discover your potential weaknesses before taking the state board exam. NCLEX is an intellectual program designed to filter out the unworthy from the worthy; it is a pass-or-fail exam. This is where our computer assessment becomes useful. We will gauge you in different areas based on NCLEX test plan.

Together, we will formulate a study guide and plan that addresses and strengthens your knowledge in all nursing areas. Understanding your weaknesses will help us create an efficient and effective study plan. This plan, combined with all our other methods of instruction, will fully equip you to be battle-ready for the NCLEX and pass it in only 75 to 205 questions. NCLEX can be easy – and our methodology and your efforts can help ensure your success to PASS NCLEX NOW!

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