To us, each of you is special and unique in different ways. Thus, we have made learning fun and engaging by utilizing different methods, because we know one single method cannot work for everyone. We are the only Nursing Review Center in Chicago and contiguous cities that tracks student progress from start to finish and records the results of your progress, which you take home each day. Unlike other review programs, we don’t seat you in a big auditorium or in a crowded room filed with 50 to 100 students. We don’t make you listen to an instructor who lectures aimlessly, and doesn’t know if you understand what they’re teaching or if you have

more questions than answers at the end of each class. We know that teaching methods like this only builds more confusion than learning. At US Nursing Review instructors have clear awareness from Day 1 about the different knowledge gaps of each student. US Nursing Review instructors are passionate in teaching and actually care for your welfare. They provide the corresponding steps to fill these gaps to make you battle-ready for the NCLEX®. Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses starts at Level 1, and at each level, as you continue to show progress, the instructor adjusts and determines the best course of action to take each day at the review program. Ultimately this will lead you to pass the NCLEX in ONLY 75 to 205 questions. Understanding nursing subjects that you like or dislike; areas you remember; areas you have forgotten; knowing what you know and what you don’t know; and the different transition stages in learning new knowledge are all given the utmost attention to help you succeed. It is imperative to anticipate possible problems and custom-tailor lessons accordingly for each student. It’s critical to detect these problems before they become a hindrance during the actual board exam. It takes patience, extensive experience, and expertise to be able to do that, and nobody does it better than we do. In fact, we are the only known review program that pays careful attention to predict the difficulties you may face on the actual exam.

We use tested methods to effectively resolve whatever knowledge gap you may have. For example, imagine one student likes medical-surgical, but doesn’t have the same interest in subjects like pharmacology or psychology. Our computer assessments will find these kinds of problems from the first day. Also, our classroom setup helps us monitor each student’s body language during lectures, signs that indicate whether the subject matter being discussed is causing confusion and creating more questions than answers, or whether the student clearly understands the lecture and is ready to move on to the next topic. The same principle applies with the human body as it manifests signs and symptoms of a disease or impending health concerns, gathering information and making a complete assessment will help create sound interventions for nurses or doctors in the field to prevent sickness or cure a disease. We prefer prevention over cures. So, in the classroom, aside from reading body language during lectures, we give post-tests, question and answer recitations, and computer assessments after each topic, combined with lots of other techniques. This and more are our trade secrets to success. Lack of knowledge or confusion on a subject matter is immediately resolved by applying different teaching methodology. We will make sure you remember the gist of each lecture before proceeding to the next topic. At US NURSING REVIEW, we provide copies of test results to take home so you can keep track of your own progress each day. Whether you are preparing for NCLEX-PN® or NCLEX-RN®; these and a lot more are applied on a personalized level to ascertain whether you are learning the needed knowledge to pass NCLEX with ease. Taking the NCLEX for the first time or if you’ve tried other programs and didn’t succeed. With US Nursing Review, together we will make success happen. Enroll in our program – and PASS NCLEX NOW!

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