Do you know that NCLEX® Can Be Easy? Welcome to US Nursing Review, a highly intensive NCLEX review program developed with you in mind. We are proud to have developed, through much research and testing, a unique and intensive program that combines top-quality teaching methodology with innovative use of technology to prepare you to ace the NCLEX® exam. Even if you’ve tried other programs and didn’t succeed, our program will help you pass the US Licensure exam.

Based on interviews we’ve conducted with students who have attended other nursing review programs, we are proud to say that our program contains all the good things you can find in other review programs – and more.

Personalized Individual Assessment

To us, each of you is special and unique in different ways. Thus, we have made learning fun and engaging by utilizing different methods, because we know one single method cannot work for everyone. We are the only Nursing Review Center in Chicago and contiguous cities that tracks student progress from start to finish and records the results of your progress, which you take home each day. Unlike other review programs, we don’t seat you in a big auditorium or in a crowded room filed with 50 to 100 students. We don’t make you listen to an instructor who lectures aimlessly, and doesn’t know if you understand what they’re teaching or if you have more questions than answers at the end of each class.

Simulated NCLEX exam

Simulated NCLEX exam

We are aware of the pressure test takers go through and the difficulty of the actual NCLEX®; we understand the importance of having a computer program that helps build confidence and improves test taking strategies Thus we have developed our NCLEX Simulated exams and Up-to-Date Review Materials to meet these needs. Our SIMULATED EXAM, feels and will challenge you like the real licensure exam. We will help build your confidence as you master the vital factors needed to pass the actual state board exam. We all know that preparation is the key to success, but we also know that anticipation comes before preparation.

Highly Credentialed Professors

All U.S. Nursing instructors have Master’s or Doctorate degrees and approved by the State Board of Education (IBSE). All are passionate about teaching and well versed in their craft. A genuine academician who is passionate about teaching, your professor, Miss Mary Jane Evangelista – 2014 CFAA (Chicago Filipino Asian American) Hall of Fame Awardee of Excellence in Education – has helped many nursing students become a nurse. She instructs people aiming to achieve professional qualifications such as CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), LPN (License Practical Nurse), up to BSN (Bachelor Science in Nursing). She has been a nursing instructor for 10 years and is adored by students everywhere she goes. There is no comparison – experience the US NURSING REVIEW difference!



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