The individuals found on this page are real nursing students of US Nursing Review. They are not paid models posing as a nurse.

Jeffry Mesa, BSN, RN

    My name is Jeffrey. I took the board exam on February 21, 2013 and ”I  passed it on my first take.” A couple of months before the exam I had no idea about how to review, what resources to read, or how to make a structured study plan. These gaps in my knowledge led me to US NURSING REVIEW. I contacted them, and they asked me to sit in for a couple of classes to see how their program worked. So I did, and was immediately attracted by the intimate classroom setting. This was what I was looking for, and not what I’ve seen at other (crowded) review centers. Every seat had a computer, which I figured would be very helpful. (NCLEX® is programmed on a computer and is an adaptive test). The reviewers were knowledgeable and made it easy to understand and remember the topics I had studied in school. In addition, they were approachable and answered all my questions. Another thing worth noting about the US NURSING REVIEW is that they ask you to take an intake assessment, which gauges your knowledge before the review. I found this very helpful, it made me aware of my weak areas, this really helped me fill the gaps in my knowledge. As the review continues, you take another assessment to track your progress and discover your strengths and weaknesses in different nursing disciplines. Of course, I signed up. The rest is history. US NURSING REVIEW definitely helped me pass the NCLEX-RN®. US NURSING instructors helped me create a structured study plan to prepare for the NCLEX-RN. They kept me motivated and goal oriented. If you want to pass the NCLEX, I highly recommend US NURSING REVIEW. I assure you they will definitely help you become a Registered Nurse.

Gia Xershel Junsay, BSN, RN

     I was really looking for a review center that would fit me. US Nursing Review Center delivered that to my satisfaction and helped me pass NCLEX® in only 99 questions.

    Professor Mary Jane talked to me in private and encouraged me never to give up. She made me feel that I am not just another statistic who failed the NCLEX. She made me feel that she cares and that she is there to help. She tries to answers all your questions and the things that you are not sure of (as long as it is reasonable and NCLEX-related). She is very nurturing and has a sense of humor during review (let's admit it: it can be tiring, and in other review programs I've attended it was very boring and long). But at US Nursing Review, learning is fun. They have detailed and easy-to-use handouts. US Nursing Review staff are friendly and ready to assist you at any time. Lastly, they have great snacks (not all the time, but when they do, it is delicious) – and they have FREE fresh-brewed coffee every day, and cold, purified water which really help in a long review session.


Van Fabie Tunguia, LPN

US Nursing Review is the best investment I ever made since nursing school. Attending the review helped me concentrate on topics I needed to focus on to pass the NCLEX-PN exam. The discipline, materials we used, comprehensive lecture, question and answer discussions, were concise and on the dot. Altogether, helped me pass my NCLEX -PN exam in only 150 questions. I will recommend this review center to all my friends and colleagues who are getting ready to take the NCLEX challenge.

Clyde Mapula, BSN, RN

     Hello. My name is Clyde Mapula. I graduated with my BSN from a respectable nursing school in the Philippines. I took my Philippine Board exam in July 2011 and passed, so I have confidence in my ability to pass exams. When I arrived in Chicago, my mother told me to enroll at a review center that could help me prepare for the NCLEX® exam. There are a lot of these centers – too many to mention. But as I researched, one seemed to stand out from the rest. It was on Irving Park Avenue. A lot of people were talking about this particular review center. So I decided to enroll. They gave me a set of review notes. They told me that these were all I’d need to pass the NCLEX exam. Being new to review centers, I believed them. After all, this was a famous review center. The notes summarized Med-Surg, OB, Pedia and Psych Nursing… To make a long story short, after studying the notes and answering NCLEX’s 265 grueling questions, I didn’t pass. The center offered a free post-exam review for 6 months, so I decided to return, even though I’d lost confidence in the place.   While working as a CNA, I decided to review on my own, using the review center’s notes. I didn’t want to waste my time cramming myself into a room at Irving Park with 50 or more students and a teacher whose only concern was to get through the day’s review. Sometimes students like me need positive reinforcement from their teachers, but I didn’t get it from them. Then, one day at work, a woman approached me and mentioned another review center. It was Ms. Mary Jane, she is a teacher and the clinical instructor in the nursing home where I work. She told me that they  hired a STAR-like reviewer from the Philippines to conduct a review here in their own review center. I told her I would check it out. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t permit me to attend. I texted Ms. Jane, and told her I’d try to make it next time. When the time came, I showed up. Luckily, a review was in progress – and Ms. Jane was the instructor. She told me I could sit in for free. I could look and listen. If I was interested, I could talk to her later. At first, I was hesitant, but warm welcome of Ms. Jane and Sir MB – persuaded me to enroll. My ATT was set to expire in about two months, so Ms. Jane told me I’d be placed in a different program (they have different programs, depending on what type of student you are). I was placed in the Tutorial program, where she monitored me until exam time.

    What a change from the first review center! First of all, this review center was clean – they sanitized the table, chairs and floor. The room was quiet and conducive to learning, and had an atmosphere that was welcoming to me and others. When I arrived, I took an initial assessment that determined my knowledge level and what I would need to learn to pass the nursing exam. They also asked me to buy Saunder’s Comprehensive Review from the bookstore. I followed Ms. Jane’s instructions to the letter. She told me to get rid of my notes from the previous review center and start reading Saunder’s and US Nursing Review manual. So I basically started over. I trusted Ms. Jane and everything she said. It was an effort to read the book and to make concise summaries. If I didn’t do well in Ms. Jane’s in-class tests, I had to re-read specific concepts. It was tough, but I liked it. It motivated me to study hard. Ms. Jane always knew who had read the book, because the test scores reflected who hadn’t. Ms. Jane was strict about the readings. She always told me, “Even though you’re reading slowly, what’s most important is that you understand what you’re reading. Quality over quantity. Book by book. Page by page!”   Ms. Jane had the right approach. While I was studying, I realized how many important details had been missing from the notes from the other review centers I’d been to. Thank God I went to US NURSING REVIEW! Another thing I liked about this review center: They don’t give you just one computer assessment. In my case, I had four assessments to show whether I was improving or needed to study more. We also had written exams in the lecture sessions. The questions prepared me to take the NCLEX exam the right way. In fact, I found the tests at US NURSING REVIEW harder to answer than the ones on the actual NCLEX exam. As Sir Brian said, “If you train to run 10 miles and the NCLEX exam is only seven miles long, NCLEX will be a piece of cake.” US NURSING is not your average review center. They truly care about their students. They want to help you. They became like my family. Using the knowledge they will give you, extra effort on your part, and the positive aura of the review center, I guarantee that YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL! That’s what happened with me. After all my prayers, studying and learning, and practicing a positive attitude and humility, I finally passed NLCEX in about 170 questions! Thank you very much, US NURSING FAMILY. You changed my life. Hopefully my story will help others realize how magnificent this review center is. Thank you so much, Ms. Mary Jane and Sir Brian. You can now call me a nurse! 

Resurrection Navarro, BSN, RN

“We’ve been to other review centers but all failed to help us achieve our nurse license… We passed NCLEX®”- by the help of Ms. Jane & MB at US Nursing Review. Success is where they’ll lead you.

Joseph Terrado, BSN, RN

    Thank you US Nursing Review, especially to Ms. Jane. She made NCLEX® easy to understand and all her teachings and demonstrations helped me a lot in my NCLEX exam. "This Review is not only different but special in so many different ways, their methods helped me developed my weaknesses, greatly improved my knowledge and critical thinking."  The assessment exams was really helpful. I'm really thankful I found US NURSING REVIEW. I finished my exam in only 107 questions. Now, I am a Licensed Nurse.

Hazel Calma, BSN, RN

I want to thank you USA Nursing for your energy and motivation. Thank you for sharing us your knowledge, it gave me the confidence. It really worked.

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