The individuals found on this page are real nursing students of US Nursing Review. They are not paid models posing as a nurse.

Kathy Moreno, BSN, RN

   Thank you very much Ms. Jane for all the support, prayers and for always pushing me to study hard. You're very kind to me. Because of the strong content that Ms. Jane had taught me during the review class, I PASSED the NCLEX RN Exam in only 136 questions. Ms. Jane is not just a teacher to me but also a dear friend. I feel comfortable with her because she is very approachable, patient, competent and very knowledgeable to the point that she always have answers to all my questions and to her all students. Her review process was so detailed and unique in effect has improved retention of the important areas, Ms. Jane was very patient repeating each lesson to help us remember everything. The topic that Ms.Jane discussed during her final coaching came out in my actual NCLEX exam, like the maternity subject, about weight gain of pregnancy, macrosomia signs and symptoms and etc..

    It was really a good refresher especially when you are about to take the exam. I don't know in what way I'm going to thank you for everything you've done for me. All I can do is to share my success to everyone who will take their exam and I hope to also inspire everyone in my testimonial. All my sacrifices, long hours of wise studying, belief in myself and strong faith in God. Finally, paid off!!!

    I achieved my dream! I am now a "US RN"!! Thank you Ms. Jane and Sir Brian for all your help. God bless you both and your review center. Thank you US Nursing Review Center!

Monica Molina, LPN

     Hi my name is Monica Molina, I attended the Review for the NCLEX-PN®. I successfully passed the test! The computer stop when I reached 85 questions. Attending the review made me feel more confident and secure. Mrs. Mary Jane is a wonderful teacher, she makes the material understandable for me. She guided me through the whole process. I would like to thank her and wish her the best. :)

Ian Arvin Jaleco BSN, RN

     First, I would like to give God all the glory. Thank you, God, for the grace, goodness, blessings and for taking the battle off my hands. NCLEX was the hardest exam I’ve taken in my life. I didn’t like nursing much when I was a student, but learned to love the profession when I started working as a nurse. Before leaving home, I was working at a tertiary-level hospital, assigned to the MS, Pediatric and OB areas, and had training in ICU-CCU. Every day was a different experience, a new exciting and learning experience each time. I met different people and touched people's lives. I came to the United States in May 2014, eager and excited to return to the hospital to practice my profession and my passion to help people. But things just didn't go as planned. God always has a purpose, and with his grace I found US NURSING Review.

     I heard of a new nursing review program, so I took the time to learn more about the review center. It is US NURSING Review, and what interested me was its focus on helping students. Every student was provided with their own computer and their own unique user name and password to be used for computer exams. The initial assessment measured students’ strengths and weaknesses, and the testing continues up to the final assessment to identify our readiness to take the NCLEX. Ms. Jane was a very nice person and a great teacher. She meets the students at their own level, makes sure everyone understands the topic, answers queries, and even socializes with the whole class. It was not a big class, and everything was ergonomically arranged. And what she said was true: the class is like a "small family.” I gained good friends in the class, and I still keep in touch with most of them. While I was in class, I made the most of it. I actively memorized lessons in class, went to the library after class to study, and answered questions.

     On the day of the exam, I was nervous, just like anyone would be. The computer shut off on the 75th item, I received 26-27 SATA questions, and one exhibit-type question. I had no idea if I had done enough. Two days later, I was at work, during my break, and I found out that I had passed! All Glory to God! I told Ms. Jane about it, and she was just as happy as I was. Then it struck me – Ms. Jane is not just a teacher, but a person who genuinely cares. Thank you Ms. Jane and thank you everybody on the USNR team. Thank you to my classmates and friends. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me. Thank you, God!

     To my classmates who haven't taken the exam yet, and to the next students: obey Ms. Jane's instructions! Study hard, and pray harder! Yes, I said pray harder (with all due respect to any belief you may have). Ms. Jane will help you with the studying part. Study, for faith alone, without action, never works. Surround yourself with good people. Whatever I have achieved, God be known…

     Congratulations to my colleagues. Congratulations, future Nurses! Claim it!

     Philippians 4:13: "I can do all this through Him who gives me strength."

Zenechia Buchanan, LPN

     I am a student who for one has not had it easy and many thought I would give up due to some of life's challenges. I graduated June 2014 and did not succeed on passing my NCLEX PN® until taking US Nursing Review class. The computer shut off at 91 and my nerves were shot, but after 48hrs  of waiting I found out; I'm finally successful, I am now a Licensed Nurse! I could not have done it without this Review. Thanks for everything. I highly recommend US Nursing Review program to anyone having problems or think it's impossible to take this course. They've given their students all the resources needed to pass, I never thought NCLEX® can be easy, but their methods made it. I am happy with my decision to take US Nursing Review. Thank you for celebrating my success. You rock!

Yusuf Ayuba, LPN

    Great review center!!! I passed my examination in only 88 questions. I owe a lot to US Nursing Review. After taking this review program, I know I am ready to take the NCLEX®. This nursing review taught me practical methods in safety and infection control, their pharmacology and fundamentals of nursing are detailed and well organized. US Nursing Review method helped me remember all the important lessons I learned from nursing school. Thanks to Ms Jane, Mr B and to everybody at US Nursing Review.

Elsie Purificacion, BSN, RN

     When I failed my exam I felt frustrated. I lost trust in myself and had no intention to try another review program. I was thinking that it would just be a waste of time and figured I would try to prepare on my own. But my disappointment and distrust didn’t bother MB (Brian) of US Nursing Review. I told him I had lost trust and that I would just save my money. But MB made a deal for my payment and convinced me to try them. Although hesitant and in doubt, I went to try. I was part of the first batch to attend the class of 2012. They gave us all the materials we needed to study. I also found friends at the review center, and they became my “study buddies”. Everything we did worked, it helped me pass NCLEX in only 75 questions. The people I met at the review center have remained good friends. So many good things happened when I was at the review center. The management, instructors and everyone there is sincere about helping. They really care and are generous to their students. Plus, they are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. This review center has so many good things to offer – too many to mention. I am so glad I went to US Nursing Review. Thank you Ms Jane and MB, and most of all, Thank you, God, for all your blessings.


Karlla Banadera, BSN, RN

     My experience with US Nursing Review was very satisfying. They made me ready for the test and build up my confidence as well as my faith in fulfilling my dream. I gained knowledge, friends and the biggest thing my RN license. Thank you US Nursing Review.


Joanna Tapang, BSN, RN

    I made the right decision in reviewing with US NURSING REVIEW for my NCLEX-RN® exam. The review center helped me pass the exam, attack the questions, and focus on the review everyday. A lot of my NCLEX® questions were covered during our review class, review handouts and Saunders book. There were 3 things that helped me pass: God, family, and US Nursing Review. I am recommending this review center because the lecturer will push you to study, study and study, read and understand the Saunders Book & handout, gives you advises and they are the only review center who has computers for practice exam that will assess every student's strengths and weaknesses in a certain topic. Thank you for the opportunity. God Bless US NURSING REVIEW. "Knowledge is POWER!"

Daniel Rice, LPN

     After my last semester of nursing school, I decided not to dish out the cash for an extra NCLEX review. I figured I could do this on my own, and I did which is why I failed on my first try, one of my fellow classmates told me about this review, It was an affordable comprehensive review called “USNursingReview.” Taught by Mrs. Mary Jane who is just awesome. This woman lectured in a fun, interactive way that allowed us to go through all the body systems, but in a way that we could remember, like rhyming words and repetitive phrases and lots of testing preparations. A good thing about US Nursing Review is the clarity of their teaching. I think I did only 1 week review with Mrs. Mary Jane and I then went out to take my exam, I passed with only 85 questions and was super excited, I have referred many students to this Review.

“Believe in yourself! Don’t let the test decide when you are done, decide for yourself.”.

Erica Branch, LPN

    After graduating I had no idea on how to study for NCLEX®. I had so many resources and suggestions given to me from others; which made me more confused. Some said use Saunders, Exam Cram, Pearson etc. I was all over the place until a friend of mine referred me to Ms. Mary Jane at US NURSING REVIEW. The review is very well organized and put together; "In my opinion it was more than a review." I learned so much while having fun at the same time. Ms. Mary Jane is a phenomenal instructor. She goes above and beyond and takes the time out to sit with you one on one to make sure you understand. She helps you in your weakness and points out your strengths. She gives practice NCLEX Exams that evaluates you in every area. Her songs and Dance steps will never be forgotten.  Without US NURSING REVIEW, I don't know where I would be. I am very grateful for Ms. Mary Jane and Mr. Brian. But because of God, Myself, and US NURSING I am proud to say that I am an LPN. In the words of Ms Mary Jane, Knowledge is power.  

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