What makes US Nursing Review stand out from other review programs on the Internet?

There are plenty of online nursing review programs nowadays, and people’s attention spans are getting shorter. So, in order to not just compete, but to be effective in helping our students achieve their immediate goal of passing the NCLEX, we offer the following as evidence of our success:

1. The nursing concepts and principle we impart on site are the same knowledge we provide in our online course. The knowledge is complete. Since the review program and knowledge will be delivered on-line through video, we made sure to discuss all topics thoroughly, in a specific way,  to accommodate learning  through  the  internet.  The  methodology  of  teaching  we  use  is

based on the latest psychological research. One is called “Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques”, published in “Psychological Science in Public Interest”, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science (published Washington Post in 2013). Another technique, SQ3R, is a research conducted by memory researchers Henry Roediger and Jeffrey Karpicke (2006). This research is also known as the “testing effect”, or “test-enhanced learning”. We convey nursing knowledge by combining these study techniques with our own proven effective methods. They are delivered to you in an appealing way, through high-definition visual aids and well-organized review materials that increase your attention span and retention.

2. Our Nursing Review materials are accurate, guaranteed up-to-date, and organized into sections of reasonable length for effective reading.

3. All U.S. Nursing instructors have Master’s or Doctorate degrees and are approved by the State Board of Education (IBSE). All are passionate about teaching and well versed in their craft. A genuine academician who is passionate about teaching, your professor, Miss Mary Jane Evangelista – 2014 CFAA (Chicago Filipino Asian American) Hall of Fame Awardee of Excellence in Education – has helped many nursing students become nurses and academicians actively teaching in Nursing Colleges and Universities. www.USNursing.Guru

4. The Nursing Review instructors have undergone training on how to teach on camera and how to use the internet as medium for the education of nursing students.

5. A professional film production company created and directed the entire 35-hour online nursing program. It offers crystal-clear audio for better listening, artistic scenes and special effects for a better, engaging and effective learning experience.

6. We have a proven track record in the field of nursing, and scores of satisfied students. We have helped many students to pass the NCLEX on their first try, and have a high passing rate for students who have previously struggled and failed the NCLEX a number of times. US Nursing Review students passed NCLEX with ease, requiring only 75 to 205 questions (see our testimonial section). The number of our students who pass NCLEX is continuously growing and further boosting our success rate.

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