We operate and conduct our nursing review program at our Chicago branch. We’re located in a thriving urban commercial area at 5850 N Lincoln Avenue, Ste 109, Chicago IL 60659. It’s a safe area close to other schools, a police station and many restaurants and shops. We have a clean, well-organized facility that caters to all the needs and wants of our nursing students in order to completely prepare them for the NCLEX.

To make you battle-ready for the exam, we have set up a state-of-the-art classroom. Our facility is equipped with computers installed in a well-lit room with a view of the sky, and sun shining from the horizon behind some trees. We have a designated crew in charge of the up-keep of all Nursing Review equipment to make sure everything is clean and free of dirt and bacteria. Prior the start of each class, each table, chair, computer keyboard and mouse is  sanitized   using  isopropyl  alcohol.   Our  upkeep  crew

goes above and beyond to make sure everything is clean from ceiling to floor and that all equipments are working at its optimum level. This ensures an intimate classroom setting and ultimately creates a refreshing atmosphere conducive to learning. We also provide free, freshly brewed Keurig® coffee using distilled or purified water, so students can refresh themselves during breaks. We sometimes include snacks like pizza, and from time to time, assortments of food when we celebrate with students who pass NCLEX. We invite students to share their experiences, study habits and tips on how they managed to pass NCLEX with ease.

Attending the US Nursing Review program is a satisfying experience you will not find in any other review program. Here you will find quality education that promotes discipline and proven techniques on how to effectively study and protect your study time from activities that may interrupt your focus or momentum in learning. Our facility is a place where you find people who view nursing profession as a higher calling and a noble profession. It’s a place where you will meet selfless individuals who understand the value of healing and saving lives. Experience the US Nursing Review difference! Enroll and pass NCLEX with ease in only 75 to 205 questions.


Please send us your inquires by filling out this form or send us an email at mail@usnursingreview.com or call us at (773) 709-5613.

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