We operate and conduct our nursing review program at our Chicago branch. We’re located in a thriving urban commercial area at 5850 N Lincoln Avenue, Ste 109, Chicago IL 60659. It’s a safe area close to other schools, a police station and many restaurants and shops. We have a clean, well-organized facility that caters to all the needs and wants of our nursing students in order to completely prepare them for the NCLEX.


What makes US Nursing Review stand out from other review programs on the Internet? There are plenty of online nursing review programs nowadays, and people’s attention spans are getting shorter. So, in order to not just compete, but to be effective in helping our students achieve their immediate goal of passing the NCLEX, we offer the following as evidence of our success:


The science of nursing is continuously evolving, but most of its concepts and principles are absolute. Nursing knowledge can sometimes be complex and confusing to students, thus, we have simplified our textbook, making it easy to read for students in order to facilitate learning and effective retention of its content. All the information is presented in sections of reasonable length so that students can easily understand the knowledge. The US NURSING REVIEW textbook distills the knowledge we have collected over the past 5 years as we have educated nurses to pass the NCLEX RN® and NCLEX PN®.

US Nursing GURU

Mary Jane Evangelista is the director of Nursing program... (continue reading www.usnursing.guru)


Please send us your inquires by filling out this form or send us an email at mail@usnursingreview.com or call us at (773) 709-5613.

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